Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Overdosing on cream


One of my all time favourite foods is cream. I think I developed this particular passion as a child from my mother who literally pours it on her cereal, is as thin as a rake and incidentally has excellent bones. To justify, I like to think I’m following the paleo diet and being kind to my body rather than giving in to an apple or a tomato.

Today however I have rather gone off it, albeit temporarily. 

I didn’t mean to overdose on cream today but overdose I did. I started today with a conversation with my son about what he’d like for supper as we often start the day – we find it a relaxing topic. “Spaghetti Carbonara”, he said (we’ve just come back from Italy and needing little excuse I decided to indulge him). I didn’t anticipate the leaving do at work though where cream featured heavily on the scones and jam and nor did I anticipate the meeting with my boss later in the day when he took me out for a ‘chat’.

We went to a little café where he having pre-ordered and wanting to thank me for something or other, produced a plate of cream cakes. There was every sort of cream cake you could imagine, eclairs, custardy types ones, sponge cakes filled with butter cream, petit fours, mille-feuille (ok, you can imagine a few more but you get the picture).  Of course I couldn’t be rude… I had to eat my fair share and so I did. But it isn’t easy to talk and eat cream cakes delicately and at one very embarrassing juncture I breathed in through my nose and managed to ingest a portion up my nostrils. 

And then, hoping for once that my son would have forgotten the morning’s discussion along with the usual rush of homework, book bags, packed lunches etc , I came back to cook tea. But no, he’d remembered and Spaghetti Carbonara it was. Although it was hard, I ate my evening meal, I thought of the paleo diet and how in reality I’d done my body a favour, even though it didn’t feel like it at the time.

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