Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Have you ever met a woman who doesn’t like other women?

I’m sure I have but can’t remember who. I know I’ve met people – men and women who never looked at me or answered every question I asked to the male person I was with.

I definitely know a man, who for no real reason that I have ever worked out doesn’t like me. I have known since we were 16, he has always ignored me, never looked at me and only answered questions with yes or no answers. He doesn’t bother me much. Many, many years ago, we had the same group of friends and went to festivals as a group. In my inebriated states, I used to try and engage him, even flirt with him – it worked with most other men I knew. It didn’t with him. I haven’t seen him for a few years now but the last time I did he still maintained the same frostiness with me. Either, I mortally offended him once without realizing it, he just doesn’t like me, he’s madly in love with me or he’s gay and a total misogynist. Or have I missed something?
How about women who thinks you are past it. Now in my mind, I know I am flabbier, older and less attractive than 10 years ago but in my deluded state that I like to keep myself in I think that others don’t notice it. Or I did think that until a woman – maybe 10/12 years younger than me started at work. Well, this woman thinks she is HOT. She has used that expression about herself. She is an outrageous flirt. She dresses inappropriately. She is fit, her body is good(ish) but not that good. Only her self-belief carries her beyond pear shaped, bad skinned but otherwise attractive 29 year old to sexiest woman in England. To her I am an old, past it single mother to be pitied. She is of course friendly and polite but I am no competition to her, no need to befriend me. I am just someone that she is sure she will never become. Note, to never spend too much time with this women. It is not good for me.

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