Thursday, 11 February 2016

Letting children out on their own

This happened a few years son and his cousin both 5 were playing in my parent's garden. My parents have a big garden, it's about 200 foot long but it's not enormous and it's surrounded by a hedge/fence all around. Anyway, they were playing outside alone which I thought was completely fine.

Anyway, my son came in and said 'Is someone going to steal me?' and I said 'of course not! Who said that to you?' A family member said, 'I did, because they were playing in the garden on their own, which I'm not happy about'.

I said I was fine with my son playing outside on his own but I had to keep reassuring him that no one would steal him. Now of course I had previously had a chat with him about going off with strangers etc. but had not felt it appropriate to worry him about abduction especially in an enclosed garden!
I find this topic really interesting - how much freedom will I allow my son? I hope as much as I had. I have two friends with 14 year old sons. One mother picks her 14 year old up from school still and does everything for him still. The other left her 14 year old to look after her 12 year old while she and her husband spent the night in a hotel. I think 14 may be a bit young for that? but on the other hand I was left for 2 weeks alone at 15 because I didn't want to go on holiday with my family...

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