Friday, 11 November 2016

Foods this week

I haven’t tried the Tilapia. I’ve dropped heavy hints to my boyfriend and have even discussed the recipe with him but as it hasn’t materialised yet I will do it myself sometime soon and will keep you updated with the results.

In the meantime, this week I am looking forward to green beans with peacon lemon vinaigrette. It’s not my own recipe, it’s from here and looks amazing -

And here is my favourite food link this week Unicorn Poo Cupcakes!
- from Single Slummy Mummy.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Fish - beautiful and graceful creatures that give us a sense of calmness.

To eat, I’ve never been sure…I do sort of like fish but…I generally like the sauces, the mayonnaise, fish that is disguised as something else - like the skate in peppercorns with hollandaise - and the virtuous feeling that I’ve eaten something healthy more than I like the actual taste of the fish.